First Harvest 2021 - The Complete Collection


A complete collection of our six first harvest teas, representing the best of Spring 2021. This is the ultimate tasting box to sample and experience all six exceptional pre-qingming teas that we source every year from the most prestigious terroirs for green teas in China. Each tea is distinct in its own way - a product of its unique terroir, history, cultivar, and craftsmanship.

Each tea was meticulously picked by hand between March 10 and March 27 of this year, the first harvest of the season. The teas are all from indigenous varietals native to the mountains of which they originate; all with a long history dating back several hundred years. They are crafted by hand, following traditional processing methods unique to each tea.

Included in this tasting set are 6g (two servings) packs of six first harvest teas:

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