Green Tea & Organic Turmeric, ginger, lime, black pepper


Fresh kombucha made with our own blend of green tea, traditionally fermented for 2 weeks and in-bottle fermentation for 4 days. Then we start with fresh organic turmeric, organic ginger, galangal and lemons; washed, cut, peeled, and pureed. We strain it and add it to the kombucha. Everything done in house.

Made with all fresh ingredients - no artificial flavorings, no additives, no essences.


We blend our kombucha tea blends using a variety of our teas including white tea, green tea and oolong. This gives the kombucha more depth and complexity.

Our kombucha is cold brewed with water purified by Japanese Kishu Binchotan.

We ferment the traditional way, allowing nature to take its course slowly. After primary fermentation in small batches, the kombucha is bottled for secondary fermentation. It is this long process that develops the extraordinarily delicate aromas and gives our kombucha its smooth flavour.

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