Bingdao Pu Erh Ripe Dragon Pearl 2018



Lincang is one of our favorite pu erh regions in Yunnan. It is home to Mengku, where the first tea trees originated from; it is not uncommon to see thousand-year-old tea trees in the mountains.

This pu erh ripe is from the Bingdao region, located on the western mountains of Mengku. The leaves are from arbor trees of the Mengku Daye (Big Leaf) varietal that are 200-years old, and the tea farm is situated in the vast mountains at 1800m above sea level.

This tea is smooth, rich, sweet and earthy. It is suitable for aging.

May 2018

Bingdao, Yunnan
ml Time  Infusions
4 100 150 5-10 sec 8

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