Organic Elixir Chai


Hand-crushed and blended in February 2022

Vancouver, BC

This special chai, crafted by our friend Yukie, is made with love and soul in Vancouver BC. To Yukie, the healing and nourishing quality of chai is similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Our Organic Elixir Chai blend starts with hand-crushed organic ginger, cardamon, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, cloves, long pepper anise seeds and nutmeg, blended in a specific ratio to promote harmonious flavour.  Each ingredient contains its own special benefits; however the combination of spices is more powerful for both body and soul.

The preparation of chai makes a significant difference for its medicinal property. The botanical compounds are absorbed most effectively by our bodies only when it is simmered or boiled for a period of time.

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Benefits of chai
Improves digestion, enhances immune system, fights inflammation, boosts energy and beats fatigue, enhances metabolism.

Organic Cinnamon, organic cardamon, organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic clove, organic black pepper, organic anise seeds, organic nutmeg, long pepper

The best way to enjoy Organic Elixir Chai
Add 1 tablespoon of Organic Elixir Chai and 180ml of water to a small pan. Bring to boil at low heat, then continue to simmer for over 15 minutes. Add 60ml of almond milk or soy milk, and gently bring to boil. Strain, serve, and enjoy.


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