Cold Brew Tea Box


Cold brew teas are the most refreshing and delicious drinks to make for the summer time, and they are incredibly easy to make!

We have selected six of our favorite teas for cold brew in the summer time:

I. Anji Baicha - refreshing and thirst-quenching for hot sunny days
II. Sencha Blend - a delicious blend of premium sencha specially formulated for cold brewing
III. Osmanthus Laoshan Green - rich green tea with notes of mango and papaya
IV. Wenshan Baozhong - bright and floral for summer mornings
V. Old Tree Baiye - fruity with notes of nectarines and peaches
VI. Meizhan Black - sweet, floral with notes of honey

The box includes 9 grams of each of the teas, 2 tea bags of the Sencha Blend, and a card with the brewing guide.

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