First Harvest 2022 明前绿茶 Sampler Box


First Harvest Green Tea, called 明前绿茶 in Chinese, is the most prestigious and precious harvest of green tea each year. Each year, tea connoisseurs eagerly anticipate the arrival of these teas that signals the hopefulness of Spring.

With the arrival of First Harvest Teas, we celebrate the season of enlivenment and excitement. The taste of First Harvest teas draws us out of Winter, and refreshes us to Spring. They help clarify us toward this season of hope and renewal.

We have created this Sampler Set for you to experience these very seasonal and transportive First Harvest teas at home.

This set contains 4 extraordinary teas, with 2 servings of each. Included in this Sampler Set are tea cards for each of the teas, along with brewing instructions.

I am very excited to celebrate Spring with you this way.

Anji Baicha

A highly anticipated, highly appreciated Spring tea. It was the favourite tea of a legendary ruler of the Song Dynasty, Emperor Huizong. In 1107, Huizong authored a highly respected treatise on tea called Daguan Chalun. In it, he describes Baicha tea at length; he believed it to be very special amongst teas for its pale, delicate appearance, and noted that it grew sporadically on cliffs, and therefore resisted being domesticated by man.


Wild Purple Shoots

From the remote jungles of the Guzhu Mountain in Changxing, Huzhou. This area is so remote that it is said that this ancient varietal of wild tea “comes down from the clouds”. Wild Purple Shoots was a favourite of Lu Yu, the highly-respected poet and self-taught scholar who authored what remains one of the most important texts on tea ever written, The Classic of Tea, around 780 AD. It remains a highly regarded, however somewhat forgotten, green tea.


Mengding Sweet Dew

From the ancient Mengding Mountain situated in the remote city of Ya’an in the Sichuan Province, a significant site in regards to the history of tea culture in China. The cultivation of tea on Mengding dates back more than 2000 years. The teas collected from this mountain have served as Tribute Teas to Emperors for over 1000 years, spanning five Dynasties: Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing.

E’Mei High Mountain Green

There is a mythical mountain in Sichuan province. For many people, it is a household name that, when spoken, evokes an air of the otherworldly. This place is called E’Mei 峨眉. One of the four sacred buddhist mountains, it is home to more than seventy ancient temples and is regarded by Buddhists as the place of enlightenment.

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