'For Mom' Tasting Set


A lovingly curated tasting set of five extraordinary teas that will warm her heart and delight her palate.

Included in this tasting set are 2 servings each of the following five teas, for a total of 10 tea experiences for Mom:

  • Gardenia Bird's Tongue
  • Jasmine Wild White
  • Osmanthus Laoshan Green
  • First Harvest Laoshan Black
  • Organic Crimson Rose

Each one is rare and produced in extremely small quantities from the lushest tea producing areas of China, in secluded environments on the high altitude mountains. Harvested painstakingly by hand, they are crafted in small batches with the utmost love and care. Each tea is an expression of its unique varietal, terroir and craftsmanship.

Together, these exceptional teas are a joyous melody of fragrance and tastes that will delight her senses and bring her on a journey to faraway, exotic destinations.

Packaged in a box that is beautifully wrapped with handmade silk ribbon, with a tasting card inside.

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