High Mountain Green



Made by Uncle Zhou, whose family has been making tea for five generations, from Heibao Mountain of the E’Mei Mountains. Heibao Mountain is the primary tea producing mountain of the E’Mei Mountains; almost all the tea gardens here consist of old tea trees planted generations ago. The village is located 800-1200m above sea level where the rain and fog are ideal for tea plants. An abundance of loquat and peach fruit trees also provide diffused light for the tea trees. The porous soil made from volcanic ash and weathered rocks provides nutrition and good water permeability for the trees.

The tea is made from leaves from the first picking of the season, consisting of one bud and two leaves, resulting in a richer taste—what the locals prefer, and simply referred to as 炒青 “pan-fried green”.

April 2019

Emei, Sichuan
ml Time  Infusions
3 85 120 10-15 sec 5

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