First Harvest 2021 - Joys of Spring


A tasting set of three of our favourite first harvest green teas, the first taste of spring!

This tasting set includes 10g of three different first harvest teas:

Let these three exceptionally fresh and sublime green teas take you to some of the most prestigious and rare mountains in China for green tea: the ancient Guzhu Mountain by the majestic Lake Tai of Huzhou, the magnificent bamboo covered hills of Anji County, and the cliffs of the majestic Laoshan.

Taste the exceptionally sweet and pure Anji Baicha, crafted by the 60-year-old Mrs. Qian, the clarity and brightness from the indigenous tea trees of the Purple Shoots, and the umami and richness of the exceptional Laoshan Green.

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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