First Harvest Mengding Huangya



A rare yellow tea made by a master, Liu Siqiang. The tea garden is located on the top of Mengding Mountain in Ya’an, Sichuan at 1400m above sea level, where the tea trees are scattered among the lush forest. 

Only the new growth buds are picked, then left to wither overnight. The next morning, the tea is gently pan-fried in small batches of 500 grams and wrapped in handmade paper to let “ferment”. This is a crucial stage for yellow tea, and is called 焖黄 or “trap yellow”. The tea, still warm from pan-frying, is mildly fermented in the wrapped paper.

For this tea, the first “trapping” in the paper lasted for 24 hours; the master carefully monitors the temperature and moisture level of the tea leaves during this time. The tea leaves are then taken out of the paper and gently pan-fried over low heat to further reduce the remaining moisture. This process of “trap yellow” followed by gentle pan-frying is repeated for four rounds in total.

The resulting tea is rich yet gentle, with a distinct nuttiness.

March 2019

Ya'an, Sichuan
ml Time  Infusions
3 85 120 5-10 sec 6

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