First Harvest 2021 - Emperor's Tasting Flight


A tasting flight of three rare and exquisite first harvest teas from the ancient Mengding Mountain in Sichuan, including the rare yellow tea Huangya! 

This tasting set will take you back in time to the early Tang Dynasty, to the highest peaks of the ancient and sacred Mengding Mountain, where you will taste three of the Emperor's most treasured teas.

These three ancient teas are the only teas in Chinese history that served as tribute tea for the Emperor for over one thousand years, spanning 5 Dynasties: Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing.

This tasting set includes 10g of each of these three First Harvest teas:

Taste the sweetness and brightness of the extremely tiny and tender leaves of the Sweet Dew, the powerful richness and complexity of the rare and indigenous Shi Hua, and the exceptional umami and buttery notes of the prestigious Huangya - a labor of love from the tea artisans.

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