Matcha "Platinum"


When we heard of the unusual and rare “Platinum Matcha” we were so curious we had to bring it in to try. This rare type of matcha is a result of years of research and experimentation by Hoshino Tea, and it is unbelievable to see what they have achieved!

Platinum matcha is so pale in colour because it is made from the less common “white” varietal of tea trees. Their powdered leaves are a pale, pastel blue-green. Dry, this matcha powder looks sun bleached like something that came from the ocean.

The tea’s appearance isn’t deceptive: it looks, smells and tastes creamy, like milk and sugar. It even gives off hints of cotton candy and seems to carry other confections beneath its pale froth. Despite being a bit mind-bending, this matcha is soft and comforting, like a cup of warm, imaginary milk.

Origin: Yame County, Fukuoka Prefecture

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This matcha is from Yame County, Fukuoka Prefecture on the southernmost Japanese island of Kyushu. It is from a small village called Hoshino, before it was merged with neighbouring villages to form the expanded city of Yame. Yame is located in a mountainous area with the Hoshino River that flows from the east to the west, creating an ideal climate for growing high-quality tea. The land is fertile, altitude is higher, and the air is moist and foggy. Tea trees grow slowly under these conditions, which results in complexity and depth in the tea’s sweetness and savory “umami” flavors.


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