January 20, 2021

Interested in learning more about Chinese tea? We are offering a paid tea apprenticeship.

We Source Rare, Unique Teas

"We believe when something has been loved and cared for, the outcome it yields is entirely different from if the two elements were absent. Applying this philosophy to our sourcing practices, each one of our teas have been carefully selected by us, knowing that they have all been thoughtfully made with care: care for the environment, the workers, and the people who will eventually get to enjoy the tea."

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The Story Behind Our Tea Shop

"After four years in Beijing, we moved back to Vancouver in 2013. Our new place was fairly empty, but we had a tea set in the living room, and we would occasionally have friends over for a nice afternoon of tea over good conversations.

It was then that the idea of opening a tea shop first arose - we realized there was nowhere in the city for us to enjoy tea and try different teas in the company of others.."

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