Our fascination with this style of tea began with a serendipitous encounter during our years of living in Beijing previously. We accidentally stumbled upon a quaint little tea shop in the bustling hutongs (traditional alleyways) one day. As we entered, everything slowed down. We sat in silence, fully immersed in the moment, talked, laughed  all over cups of tea. We were instantly captivated by this new experience of having tea. We were fascinated by tea, by what seems to be a fundamental and universal embodiment of beauty, unaffected by the changing of the times.

We look at tea as a way of bringing people together, through the act of sharing a tea together. It is a humbling experience—tea carries the gentle power to humble us as it quietly calls us to notice the subtle beauty of the unassuming things in life. It summons a moment of tranquility for the mind and spirit, and in turn it humbles itself to become our companion in times of contemplation.

Five and a half years ago, we started Cultivate Tea purely out of our desire to share this transformative experience of tea with people in Vancouver—the slow moment of preparing tea, watching the leaves unfurl, savouring each small sip over good conversations in otherwise complete silence.

Today, we appreciate the art of drinking tea not only for the sheer enjoyment of it, but for the deeper meaning it holds for us.

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Our Teas

We believe when something has been loved and cared for, the outcome it yields is entirely different from if the two elements were absent. Applying this philosophy to our sourcing practices, each one of our teas have been carefully sought out by us, knowing that they have all been thoughtfully made with care: care for the environment, the workers, and the people who will eventually get to enjoy the tea.

Sourcing Philosophy

I. We source directly from small producers who are passionate about what they do

II. We love to seek out rare and interesting teas

III. Terroir - we look for teas that showcase the uniqueness of the terroir it originates from

IV. Respect and honour for traditional craftsmanship

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