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Our serene tasting room and retail space is located in Mount Pleasant of Vancouver.

It is an intimate space where we share our small collection of rare teas and ceramics that we personally sourced from small growers, artisans and foragers in the pristine and remote tea regions across China.

Our mission for this tasting room is to create a space where we can share with you the remarkable stories, history and craftsmanship of the teas that have captivated us, and the ancient techniques that has been passed along for generations, to this day. 

Plan your Visit

We are open for walk-ins for retail shopping every Thursday to Sunday, 12 - 6 PM.
We also offer one-on-one Personal Shopping Experience for purchases that require more guidance.

Our in-house tea tastings are offered by reservation only due to our limited capacity.
We offer Seasonal Tasting Sets at the table and Private Tastings at our tea bar.


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Seasonal Tasting set

All Surgical Glove


Private Tasting at our tea bar

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Personal Shopping Experience


Do you accept walk-ins for retail purchases?

Yes! We welcome walk-ins for retail purchases during our regular opening hours: Thursday to Sunday 12-6 PM. 

Do you accept walk-ins for tea tasting?

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate walk-ins for our in-house tea tasting service. All of our tea tastings are by reservation only. Please check the links above for "Seasonal Tasting Set" & "Private Tasting at Our Tea Bar" for more information and to reserve.

COVID protocols

In accordance with the recently updated Provincial Health Order, masks will be mandatory upon entry. Please have your mask on at all times, except when seated for your tea tasting. 

What is the difference between the Seasonal Tasting Sets and Private Tea Tasting?

For the Seasonal Tasting Sets, we will have a fixed menu of 4 tasting sets for you to select from. The menu will change every two weeks. You will be served at either our table or the bench seating. You will receive one small server of each tea included in the Tasting Sets, along with a Tasting Card. Each Tasting Set comes with one complimentary refill. For more information and the current menu, please click on the "Seasonal Tasting Sets" link above.

The Private Tea Tasting is an “omakase” style tasting at our tea bar. It is a one-on-one interactive experience where we curate 4 teas based on your preferences, the season, fresh harvests and what we are currently especially excited about. We will guide you through the entire tasting with information on the origin, harvest and processing of the teas. For more information, please click on the "Private Tea Tasting" link above.

How does the Seasonal Tasting Set work?

We offer a menu of 4 unique Tasting Sets, updated every two weeks. Each Tasting Set is brewed to order in the traditional gongfucha style at our tea bar, and will be served at your table. We will guide you through the Tasting Set with information on the teas, its origin and tasting notes. We have reservations for table of 2, or bench seating for 4.

How much tea do we get in the Seasonal Tasting Sets and can it be shared?

Each Tasting Set will include 2 or 3 teas, depending on the set. You will get around 6 to 8 ounces of each tea. Each Tasting Set can be shared between two people.

How long does the Seasonal Tasting Set take?

One Tasting Set can be enjoyed in 30 minutes to 1 hour. Each reservation is 1 hour long.

Do you offer tea to-go?

Our teas are best experienced in-store or in the comfort of your own home. However, we are able to offer tea to-go when requested. Prices vary depending on the tea. We brew each tea individually in traditional gongfucha style at our tea bar, therefore there could be a wait time of up to 10-15 minutes depending on how busy we are at the moment. We appreciate your patience. 

Do you have offer wifi for customers?

We do not offer wifi for customer use.

Do you offer food/snacks?

Unfortunately we do not offer any food/snacks for the time being.