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Our tasting room and retail space is located in Mount Pleasant in Vancouver. In this intimate space we share our small collection of rare teas and ceramics that we have sourced from small growers, artisans and foragers working in remote tea regions across China.

We designed this room as a serene space where people could come to enjoy tea, and where we could share stories about the history, craftsmanship, regions, and experience of tea. We also value it as a place where we can observe and carry forward ancient traditions around the act of preparing, pouring, and tasting teas. Our tasting room has a custom built traditional tea bar, at which we serve all of our teas.

Our Shop is Open

Thursday - Sunday 12-6 PM
Please come visit us during opening hours to shop for tea, ceramics, and kombucha, or to chat with us.

We offer tastings at our tea bar during opening hours. If you would like to stay for tea, please choose from the following options.
Reservations are not always required, but highly recommended as we have very limited seating. Thank you for planning ahead.

Seasonal tasting sessions of 30-min for 2-4 people at a time at our tea bar

“Omakase” style, 60-min comparative tasting session of four selected teas of for 2-4 people at our tea bar

Educational sessions of 45-min for 2-4 people at our tea bar


All Surgical Glove


Seasonal Tastings

All Surgical Glove


"Omakase" Comparative Tea Tastings

Pharmacy Product


Learn, Preparation of Tea


Do you accept walk-ins for retail purchases?

Yes! We welcome walk-ins for retail purchases during our regular opening hours: Thursday to Sunday 12-6 PM. 

Do you accept walk-ins for tea tasting?

We highly recommend making a reservation for your tea tastings, in order to secure your preferred time slot. All of our tea tastings are at our small and intimate tea bar, and we are only able to host one group at a time.  We will take walk-ins if there are spaces open.

COVID protocols

In accordance with the recently updated Provincial Health Order, masks will be mandatory upon entry. Please have your mask on at all times, except when seated for your tea tasting. 

Do you offer tea to-go?

Our teas are best experienced in-store or in the comfort of your own home. However, we are able to offer tea to-go when requested. Prices vary depending on the tea. We brew each tea individually in traditional gongfucha style at our tea bar, therefore there could be a wait time of up to 10-15 minutes depending on how busy we are at the moment. We appreciate your patience. 

Do you have offer wifi for customers?

We do not offer wifi for customer use.

Do you offer food/snacks?

Unfortunately we do not offer any food/snacks for the time being.