Shincha "Tenryu"


May 2023

Shizuoka, Japan

This is an “asamushi” sencha, meaning it is lightly steamed and thus a bit brighter and fresher tasting than fukamushi (deep steamed) sencha.

The tea farm is located on the steep slopes of the mountains in Shizuoka. The tea plants are surrounded by the clean air and undisturbed nature of the mountains, and nurtured by the water from Tenryū River 天竜川. The energy of the mountains is evident in the rich, concentrated qualities of the tea leaves, and is what makes them well suited to being crafted asamushi-style. 

In the dried tea we see the rough hewn grain of hand picked leaves and their dark, emerald colour.  Their scent opens quickly in a warm gaiwan, giving us a sense of the depth of flavour we can expect from this sencha.

The wet leaves are a soft, vibrant green and brew a very clear, yellow liquor. It is unusual to see the leaves at the bottom of the gaiwan so clearly under water, as we do here – it is as though they have sunken to the bottom of a fresh pond. We suspect this is from the hand processing, and the cleanness with which they have been picked.

The mouthfeel of the liquor is round and balanced: not weighty, but with a distinct texture that slows its passage across the mouth. Suspended in it we find tempered, well integrated forest notes like pine and moss. The energy this sencha offers is direct and sustained, moving through us like a knowing current.

Net weight 50g

. . .

Brewing Guide

Tea 3g
Water 180 ml
Temperature 70°C or lower
Steep time 20 - 90 seconds
No. of infusions 3

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