Primarily centered around enjoying tea, we host a variety of events at Cultivate as a way for people to enjoy the space in different ways.





Tea Tasting Events


Cultivate offers several series of tea tasting events focused around themes such as place, craftsmanship, or varietal. Each series will have several different tastings in it, including the opportunity to taste rare teas that, due to extremely limited quantities, are not otherwise released to be purchased. 


We know how much tea appreciation deepens when we have the opportunity to taste teas comparatively. Tea tastings allow you to come to your own tasting notes and understanding, while developing a vocabulary for what you are experiencing. 


During a tea tasting you will learn about where the teas you are drinking are from, how they are crafted, how to distinguish their particular characteristics, and to taste for terroir. The tea will be properly prepared and served to you, and in this way you will be able to see a tea develop through many infusions and experience what this service adds to the tea.  



What to expect during the tea tastings:

  • You will be sat at our tea bar or at our table with other guests 

  • The tea tastings will start with an introduction of the theme of the tasting, and the teas to be tasted. 

  • We will discuss the significance of the teas, the story behind them, the history of their cultivation and craftsmanship, and describe their terroir. 

  • The teas will be properly prepared and poured for you, in gongfucha method. 

  • You will experience the teas progress through many infusions, having the opportunity to discuss what you are finding in them.