Arbor White 2018



April 2018

Shuangjiang, Lincang

Arbor White is from Mangnuo village in Shuangjiang County of Lincang. Mangnuo is one of two villages located along the incredible Lancang River; the other is Dawen. The name Mangnuo comes from the Dai dialect, meaning “a place with pools of freshwater”. As the name implies, Mangnuo is surrounded by bodies of water. Lahu ethnic tribes settled in Mangnuo around 600 years ago in the Ming Dynasty and planted tea trees in the village. One of the oldest ancient tea trees of Mangnuo Village stands at almost 20 feet tall with a diameter of 5 feet.

The tea garden is situated on sunny steep hills in Mangnuo Baha Village, at 1800 meters above sea level. All year round, it is surrounded by mist and fog from the Lancang river, with mountains towering over it. The tea trees are around 150 years old.

Fresh leaves are harvested between late March and early April; only one bud and two leaves are handpicked. The leaves are withered and dried naturally on bamboo mats outdoors for over 72 hours. The tea leaves are then compressed into mini cakes.

A delicious tea that is smooth and delicate with elegant floral aromatics. It is like drinking the nectar and honey of wild alpine flowers, leaving a long lingering sweetness on the palate.


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