"For Mom" Gift Box


At this time, we would like to offer you something as nourishing as it is beautiful. A specially curated collection of teas for beloved Mom. The teas in this collection each, in their own way, create reprieve and bring us closer to how sweet things can be.

Included in this tasting set are two rare teas that we are releasing for this occasion: Tea Blossoms and Ms. Qiong's Heritage White. The set includes 2 servings each of the following teas:

  • Ms. Qiong's Heritage White
  • Jasmine Snow Flake
  • Rose Keemun Gold
  • Tea Blossoms
  • Gold Osmanthus
  • Yoshi's Burdock

Ms. Qiong’s Heritage White is a remarkable white tea from a rare old varietal of tea trees that is indigenous to Fu’an, Fujian. The tea, handled with great care and respect by Ms. Qiong, is a direct expression of the trees from which it comes. It reminds us of softer oolongs - thick, sweet, with minerality and a hint of creaminess.

Jasmine Snow Flake has an intense and enchanting fragrance of sweet elegant jasmine. It comes from the otherworldly E’Mei Mountain of Sichuan Province. It is scented with fresh jasmine blossoms in five rounds, a truly unforgettable tea for the special moments.

Rose Keemun Gold is an exceptional afternoon tea. One of the most celebrated black teas of China, this Keemun Gold is from an old grove of semi-wild tea trees. The tea is scented with fresh heirloom China roses. Full bodied with an elegant finish, it boasts exotic accents of cherry blossoms and sweet seckle pears.

Tea Blossoms are the delicate flowers collected from semi-wild tea trees in Mr. Tang’s small, family operated tea estate in the small oceanside town of Qingdao. They are carefully hand harvested as they bloom and dried in the sun. Watching the flowers reanimate is mesmerizing; it is like watching an underwater ballet unfold. Their liquor is sweet and hydrating - it is said to brighten the skin, as well as the spirit.

Gold Osmanthus are exquisite flowers from centuries-old trees from the home of Wang Nianping in Anxi, Fujian. The trees are tended to naturally and regeneratively - no fertilizers or chemicals are used. A sublime and ethereal tea, it has unique tropical fruit notes of mango, papaya and a long lingering divine sweetness.

Yoshi’s Burdock is a vibrant and nourishing tea grown at Cedar Isle Farm in Agassiz, BC. Fresh burdock root are dug out by hand, rinsed, sliced into thin slices and then dried slowly over low temperature for twelve hours. Burdock tea is valued for its healing properties. Across many cultures it is known to restore balance in the body, ease processes of transformation, especially in the liver, and clear excess heat or toxicity.

Together, these exceptional teas are a joyous melody of beauty and nourishment that will delight her senses and bring her on a journey to faraway destinations.

The Gift Box is beautifully packaged with handmade paper sleeve and silk ribbon. Included in this Gift Box is a booklet with descriptions of each tea and the region it comes from.

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