Gyokuro Nishio “Green Label”



This delightful Gyokuro is from Nishio of Aichi Prefecture, an ancient tea-growing region that is ideal for growing tea due to its cool, humid temperatures and marine climate. The tea plants are shaded with bamboo mats 20 days prior to being hand-harvested.

Shading of the plants forces the leaves to produce more chlorophyll and amino acid, resulting in sparkling infusions that are naturally sweet with a full mouth-feel and a rich, vegetal and umami taste. Smooth and full-bodied, this Gyokuro is perfect for relaxation and well-being.

Net weight 100g

. . .

Brewing Guide

Tea 8g
Water 250ml
Temperature 60°C or lower
Steep time 1 to 2 minutes
No. of infusions 3


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