Laoshan White & Tea Blossoms



Laoshan White: October 2020, Tea blossoms: November 2021

Laoshan, Qingdao

A stunning experimental white tea from our friend Mr. Tang’s small ocean-side family tea farm.

In the spring of 2016, Mr. Tang visited tea forager Hunter in the wild mountains of Zhenghe, Fujian, where white teas originated from. He was inspired by the pureness of white teas and when he returned home, he decided to experiment with making white teas from his small family tea farm. Fresh leaves are handpicked in October and are then crafted following traditional methods of natural withering and sun-dried for 48-60 hours.

The exquisitely beautiful tea blossoms are meticulously harvested by hand from a small grove of semi-wild tea trees in November, when the tea trees come into bloom. Each year, only a very limited amount of tea blossoms are harvested and crafted into this amazing white tea.

White tea is the most “natural” tea - no direct heat is applied to the fresh tea leaves during processing, thus preserving as much of the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and living compounds in the tea leaves as possible. As white tea ages, its medicinal benefits increases; as the saying goes in the old days, “three years a medicine, seven years a treasure”.

This tea is sweet, earthy and gentle with hints of honey and green plums.

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Brewing guide

Tea 4 g
Water 120 ml
Steep time 10 - 60 sec
No. of infusions 10+



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