Shincha Kirari 31


This sencha is grown and harvested in the Enshu district of Shizuoka prefecture. The varietal, known as “Kirari 31,” was developed in 2015 in Miyazaki as a cross between Sakimidori and Saemidori varietals. The result of this hybridization is a tea prized for its rich mouthfeel and lack of bitterness.

Kirari is a very smooth sencha with soft umami and chlorophyll notes suspended in a viscous liquor that finishes with flowers as an aftertaste. It brews a glowing, opaque green looking a bit like high polyphenol olive oil and offers a nutritive kind of energy. 

Net weight 80g

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Brewing Guide

Tea 3g
Water 180ml
Temperature 70°C or lower
Steep time 20-90 seconds
No. of infusions 4

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