The Art of Scenting: Flowers & Teas


We are delighted to offer this unique gift set for the festive season.

We have curated five extraordinary teas, each to evoke the spirit of the moment and uplift the senses.

Scenting is an ancient Chinese process to honor and preserve the wondrous fragrance of fresh flowers by imparting their scent onto tea leaves. It is a laborious process that requires tremendous patience, care and skill.

In each of these teas, experience the soul and essence of five exquisite flowers in all its splendor, infused onto tender tea leaves.

Each tea is accompanied by a tea card with its story, origin and harvest information, as well as its brewing guide.

A wonderful gift for any occasion.

Included in this gift set are 2 servings of the following:

Jasmine Wild White  
A gentle and elegantly floral white tea made with delicate jasmine blossoms harvested from the alpine mountains and semi-wild white tea from the old growth forests. 

Gardenia Birds Tongue
An extraordinarily rare and exquisite tea, handcrafted with tremendous care and patience only once each year, in extremely limited quantities.

Jasmine Snow Flake
An exceptional tea with the most intoxicating and elegant jasmine fragrance. A truly unforgettable tea for special moments. 

Osmanthus Laoshan Green
A truly unique tea scented with seasonal sweet osmanthus flowers that come into bloom for only a few days every autumn.

Rose & Wild Lapsang
A sensational and unique tea. An in-house blend of our Organic Crimson Rose petals, and a rare Wild Lapsang Souchong black tea. 

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