Tasting 1: Taste of Spring

In this tasting session, we will be tasting three first harvest 2022 teas from three ancient terroirs, Guzhu Mountain of Changxing, E’Mei Mountain of Sichuan, and Anji County of Zhejiang. This tasting will transport you to those ancient mountains, and revealing why they have been highly regarded as tea regions for so long.

Anji Baicha, Wild Purple Shoots, E'Mei High Mountain Green

May 27, Friday  10 - 11:30am
May 29, Sunday  10 - 11:30am
June 17, Friday  10 - 11:30am
June 18, Saturday  10 - 11:30am

$30 per person


We will start the tasting with the Anji Baicha, the favourite tea of a legendary ruler of the Song Dynasty, Emperor Huizong. In 1107 Huizong authored a highly respected treatise on tea called
Daguan Chalun. In it, he describes Baicha tea at length; he believed it to be very special amongst teas for its pale, delicate appearance, and noted that it grew sporadically on cliffs, and therefore resisted being domesticated by man. This tea, that Emperor Huizong so admired, remained a mysterious reference in his text for several centuries, until, in 1982, Baicha trees were discovered in the high mountains of Anji County.

Next we will be tasting the Wild Purple Shoots, a highly regarded, however somewhat forgotten, green tea from the remote jungles of the Guzhu Mountain Range in Changxing, Huzhou. Wild Purple Shoots was a favourite of Lu Yu, the highly-respected poet and self-taught scholar who authored what remains one of the most important texts on tea ever written, The Classic of Tea, around 780 AD. 

Lastly, we will be tasting the E’Mei High Mountain Green. A mythical mountain that is a household name, E’Mei evokes an air of the otherworldly when spoken. It is one of four sacred buddhist mountains in China, and the highest peak. It is home to more than seventy ancient temples and is regarded by Buddhists as the place of enlightenment. Tea cultivation on E’Mei dates back to the Tang Dynasty, when fresh teas from its peak were delivered to the imperial palace as Tribute Teas to the Emperor. 

All of these teas carry the ancient mountains from which they came with them. This tasting will focus on transporting you to these places, and revealing why they have been highly regarded as tea regions for so long.