Tasting 5: Green vs. Yellow | Mengding Bird's Tongue

In this focused tasting session, we will be tasting two teas, the Mengding Bird's Tongue and Mengding Yellow Tips. The tea leaves are from the same tea farm situated at the peak of Mengding Mountain, crafted in two very different ways: one into a green tea, the Bird’s Tongue, and the other into a yellow tea, the Yellow Tips. 

Mengding Bird’s Tongue, Mengding Yellow Tips

July 8, Friday  10 - 11:30am
July 9, Saturday  10 - 11:30am

$25 per person


This pairing offers us a special opportunity to taste for the terroir of Mengding mountain, consistent to both, the varietal, also consistent to both, and then the method by which these teas have been crafted – which is very different. Their otherwise common features makes these two teas incredibly interesting to taste side by side.