Boundless Boxset 004-006


Boundless is a producer of traditional incense from Tibet. Inheriting century-old traditional Tibetan recipes, their incense is handmade in a monastery in Lhasa from natural plant materials from the Himalayas.

Boundless Boxset 004-006

This boxset include one 000 incense burner, and one package with 20 sticks of 004 Courage, 005 Wisdom, and 006 Purity.

Each individual box contains 20 sticks of incense, for a total of 60 sticks of incense. Burn time for each incense is approximately 15 minutes.

Below are the main ingredients and atmospheric intentions of each of the 3 kinds of Boundless incense. The incense are free of artificial fragrances and animal products.

Boundless 004 Courage - “inspires and fortifies you

Frankincense, sandalwood, nutmeg, saffron

Boundless 005 Wisdom - “invites insight and inner-knowing

Dong quai, Frankincense, clove, borneol, jatamansi Boundless

006 Purity - “clears and refreshes you

Dong quai, jatamansi, sugarcane, camphor wood, cypress

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