Jasmine Wild White



Autumn 2020

Zhenghe, Fujian

Zhenghe County in Fujian is not only the most unique land and microclimate where the best white teas originate from, it is also where some of the most elegant and delicate jasmine flowers are grown and harvested.

Jasmine farms in Zhenghe are located at 1100m elevation in the misty mountains where the temperatures vary drastically and the soil is sandy and nutrient-scarce. These conditions cause the jasmine plants to focus on survival and produce less flowers. The result is a distinct and unique jasmine flower - elegant, sophisticated and delicate.

The ephemeral blossoms are handpicked each day from the break of dawn and ends before noon, when the sun becomes too intense.

The tea is a semi-wild shou mei from the autumn harvest. The trees were planted in the 1970’s and have been left to grow in the wild with minimal human intervention due to the high altitude and remoteness of its location. The fresh leaves were picked by a group of 40 elders from the village and transported down the mountains in bamboo baskets.

The tea is made in the traditional Zhenghe white tea processing method, following the principle of low intervention: natural withering and then air-dried for a minimum of 14 days. The long and natural drying process allows the leaves to go through the full process of gentle oxidation, transforming them from astringent and grassy to a tea that is bright, gentle, sweet with floral and earthy undertones.

The jasmine blossoms and semi-wild shou mei were then compressed into mini 100g cakes. The result is a sophisticated tea that is bright, gentle and delicate. It has notes of fresh jasmine blossoms and almond milk, with an earthy finish.

Brewing guide

Tea 4g
100 °C
Water  120ml
Steep time 10 - 90 sec
No. of infusions 10


Cold Brew Guide

Tea 2.5g
Water 12 oz
Temperature Room temperature filtered water
Steep  Brew at temperature overnight, then chill in the fridge
No. of infusions 2



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