Blue Comet


Wood fired, small tea cup made by Danny Kostyshin in Vancouver, BC. Mixed stoneware clay body. 

A beautiful tea cup that resembles wabi sabi elements. The cup has an extremely unusual oval and imperfect shape that is paradoxically perfect, with a “naturalness” to it. The outside is a beautiful and slightly textured matte grey glaze with blue hues. The inside is a matte grey glaze with pink red hues and a green “kiln kiss" on the bottom. Fitting nicely in the hand, it is a perfect size for small sips of tea over conversation with a friend, or as part of your morning ritual. 

As each cup is hand made, please check the measurements carefully. There may be slight variations from the measurements as each cup is uniquely shaped.

⌀: 2⅝" at the widest points of the oval shape
H: 1¾"

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