Cultivate x Debbie I-Ching Sun "Jaijai" Postcard


We have teamed up with our talented friend and illustrator, Debbie I-Ching Sun, for a special project that is very close to my heart.

A tribute to my beloved cat, Jaijai (meaning "son" in Chinese), who passed away earlier this year. Debbie has made four adorable illustrations of him with tea. Jaijai was a stoic character, with the most endearing, tender blue eyes. He was always contemplating deeply, reflecting and observing, and certainly would have been a tea drinker all his life.

These precious illustrations are very dear to my heart, filled with forever love and memory.

Printed on 110lb recycled card stock, and made locally in Vancouver, BC. They are matte and slightly textured.

Size: 4¼'' x 5½''


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