Noma "Fuji Kaori"


焙茶 Noma

Roasted On
October 2023

Kaga, Ishikawa

Maruhachi Tea Factory was founded in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture in 1863. This tea factory has been making the finest roasted teas for six generations, from the Edo Period to the present day.

Noma is a collection of limited edition roasted teas designed by the  Maruhachi Tea Factory. Each season they release a special roasted tea in this series that is inspired by the time of year.

Maruhachi’s release for this fall is made entirely from the leaves of a very rare varietal of tea called “Fuji Kaori.” This unusual varietal of black tea originated in India and was brought to Japan during the Meiji era. It is known for its intensely fragrant aroma, which is often described to be something like jasmine.

This tea was grown at the top of a mountain in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture at 1150 ft above sea level. The tea leaves have undergone a withering process, which we don’t often see used in making Japanese teas. Withering involves placing the tea leaves in a well ventilated place for a few hours after they are picked. This method is used to bring out more of the scent of the leaves. After the withering it has been lightly roasted, in Maruhachi’s signature light roast style, to give it a deep and rich flavour.

The intentional work with the aromatics of the Fuji Kaori varietal does not go unnoticed. We don’t think we have ever tasted a hojicha that had so many flowers inside of it! A rich flavour of malt and earth supports the full bouquet this tea delivers. Underneath the flowers we smell wet earth, decomposing leaves, and ripe plums. Its mouthfeel is light and crisp, which suits the fall and its clarifying weather very well. 

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Brewing Guide

Tea 4g
Water 180ml
Temperature 100 °C
Steep time 20 sec - 90 sec
No. of infusions 6




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