Noma "Koshun"


焙茶 Noma

Roasted On
October 2023

Kaga, Ishikawa

Maruhachi Tea Factory was founded in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture in 1863. This tea factory has been making the finest roasted teas for six generations, from the Edo Period to the present day.

Noma is a collection of limited edition roasted teas designed by the  Maruhachi Tea Factory. Each season they release a special roasted tea in this series that is inspired by the time of year.

This limited edition tea is a special blend of 70% yabukita and 30% koshun, a rare varietal of tea tree. It has a distinct, refreshing aroma and has earned a reputation as a connoisseur's hojicha.

The refreshing scent of the koshun is the inspiration for this tea. The makers intend it to feel like the sparkles added to our world by summer’s sunshine. Maruhachi has blended the two varietals before finishing the tea with a very light roast.

We have been instructed to brew this tea in sparkling water – 6g of tea to 500ml carbonated water, for 1 hour – something you must try! Maruhachi has packaged this tea in bags so it is very easy to infuse in cold or sparkling water. The result is a delicious and thirst-quenching beverage that can even be enjoyed with food, as an alternative to alcohol. 

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Brewing Guide

Tea 6g
Water 500ml sparkling water
Temperature chilled sparkling water
Steep time 1 hour (room temperature), then chill in the fridge
No. of infusions 1




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