Uji Hojicha (For Hojicha Latte)


As much as we love hojicha, there is such a wide variation of quality in powdered hojicha that we knew we wouldn’t offer it at Cultivate unless we found one that truly stood out to us. That time has come!

This hojicha is from Uji, Kyoto. It has undergone a slightly longer roast than usual which, together with the higher quality of tea used, gives this hojicha powder impressive complexity and richness. What we especially appreciate is how finely grounded the tea is into powder. Once it is whisked, it is only slightly chalky in the palate, making one of the smoothest hojicha lattes we have tried.

The hojicha powder brews a dense, dark brown suspension that smells like sun-dried leaves and chocolate. Watching it pour slowly into white milk is, well, very sexy. A touch of black sugar syrup rounds out the slight bitterness of the roasted tea, completing a drink that is extremely pleasurable, and that you won’t want to end.

Origin: Uji, Kyoto


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