Roasted Black Bean "Kurodamaru"




Kumamoto, Japan

We are beaming at the discovery of a new caffeine free tea that we have added to Cultivate’s collection of herbal teas. Black bean tea is not nearly as common in North America as it is in Japan, but in Japan it is widely enjoyed for its taste, health benefits, and effectiveness as a beauty tonic.

This one is made from beans grown in Koshi City, of the Kumamoto Prefecture.They are a large-grain varietal of black beans that grow in the Southern Kyushu Islands of Japan. This varietal is higher in anthocyanins and antioxidants than normal black beans, and also brews a sweeter tea. They are large and plump looking, and their surface has a beautifully dense sheen to it.

To make the beans into a tea they are slowly roasted. The company we have sourced this tea from focuses specifically on crafting black bean tea and has fine tuned their roasting process to bring out the rich, pleasing flavour of the beans, while preserving their health benefits.

Watching this tea brew is one of the most incredible tea experiences we can cite. The black, shiny beans tumble in the hot water as you fill the carafe. At first, the water remains crystal clear, but slowly, as the beans start to rise to the surface, each one releases a plume of inky pigment, splitting open on its way. Suspended at the top of the carafe they continue to emit their hue, one by one, until the water is a deep plum purple. The beans eventually settle to the bottom again, like little black pearls. The whole show takes a couple of minutes, and once it is over we strain the liquor. 

The taste of this tea is as satisfying as watching it steep. It tastes roasty, warming, and sweet like a black sesame dessert. The tea is so rich and clarifying, it is hard to believe it is caffeine free.

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Brewing guide

Tea 4-5g
Water 250 ml
Steep time 3-10 min
No. of infusions 3

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