Four Seasons: Summer


Incense for Summer is made of 70% oud and 30% traditional Chinese herbs and flowers: dried ginger, ginseng, dates, honeyed Chinese liquorice, and Himalayan orchids from Yunnan.

A blend of energizing, sun-enriched substances: this incense is warm, strong, and enveloping.  Its richness is tempered by the sustained scent of orchid flowers, whose cool and enticing petals draw clarifying lines through its smoke’s sweet weightiness.

Each package of incense comes with brass incense holder.

Net Weight: approximately 40 sticks

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Traditional Incense from Emerald Cloud of Yunnan, China

Emerald Cloud was founded in 2011 in Dali, Yunnan. It is a traditional incense house that applies principles of traditional Chinese medicine and the dynamics of the four seasons to their craft.

Emerald Cloud has established their own farms in Yunnan where they grow a few of the Chinese herbs used in their incense. Over the last 10 years, they have developed their own unique recipes for high quality incense – all of them using oud as a base, blended with different formulas of medicinal herbs.

Mo Fei, a co-founder of Emerald Cloud, describes his incense house as having two branches: one for the production of incense and the other for education and research.  Mo Fei is author of the book “Xiang Xue Liu Lun,” or “Six Theories of Incense:” a highly regarded text on the history and craftsmanship of traditional incense in China.

Incense, just like music and painting, adds to the depth of our lives. Just like many of the beautiful things in our daily life, incense can be used to pursue the beauty of ritual, it can lead us to feel spiritual growth, but to me, incense is a simple and pure way of life. Incense can be our acquaintance, by our side during hard times or times of excitement. Incense can be like dear friends, reminding us where we should be. Incense can be a time and space travel machine, in its smoke, bringing us into a sea of books, or taking us into a trance of quiet contemplation.

- Mo Fei

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