For our signature Tea Tasting, we will help you select your own teas for comparative tasting at our tea bar. These hour-long, personalized tasting sessions are suited for 2 to 4 people. 

You will taste four different teas that we will choose based on your own interests and preferences. You can have us focus on seasonal selections, teas that are interesting side-by-side, categories or terroirs that you are especially excited about, or rare teas that we carry in limited quantities.


During the Cultivate tasting you will learn about where the teas you are drinking are from, how they are crafted, how to distinguish their particular characteristics, and to taste for terroir. The tea will be properly prepared and served to you, and in this way you will be able to see a tea develop through many infusions and experience what this service adds to the tea.

Reservations are required. Once you book with us we will send you a form so you may guide us in selecting teas in advance of your tasting.

Classic Tasting - $60 per person
Rare Tea Tasting - $90 per person