The Japanese term “Hojicha” refers to tea that has been roasted, most commonly green tea.  There is great diversity within this category of tea. In this Special Tasting, we will be tasting three distinct and unique hojicha from 3 different origins and in three unique styles.

1. Yakushima Natural Hojicha

Origin: Yakushima, Kagoshima

Smells like cocoa butter and tastes soft, though quite one dimensional. Its flavour passes quickly, leaving a subtle roasted taste in the mouth.

2. Kyoto First Harvest Bancha

Origin: Kyoto

A super fragrant tea that fills the nose with lychee and lilies. Although roasted, the greenness of the tea still comes through brightly, giving the overall impression of freshness. This tea is complex enough to be perceived as round, with flavors pointed in every direction.

3. Kaga-bōcha

Origin: Kaga, Ishikawa

Smells like tobacco leaf, ashed cigar, and pandan. Surprisingly gentle taste that envelopes the whole mouth and sits centrally on our palate. The aromatics continue to fill our head while we are tasting it, to the extent that it may feel like you are smoking this tea. We could call this “Cultivate’s Hojicha,” as it reminds us of what we love about pu’erh: it’s deep, it keeps beguiling us, and as it does, invites consideration.