"Melon" Pitcher 01

Clay body Porcelain
Kiln Gas-fired

Inside: Sweet white glaze

Outside: Matte "shuangbai" white glaze

An elegant handmade pitcher inspired by the traditional "melon shape" that was favored by the Imperial Court in the Tang and Song Dynasty.

The pitcher has an elegant matte white "shuangbai" glaze on the outside, paired with a glossy sweet white glaze on the inide. The graceful spout gives a smooth and extremely controlled pour.

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About the artist

Nandao Studio is a small boutique studio in Jingdezhen Prefecture that is dedicated to the crafting and exploration of fine white porcelain in everyday wares.

The building principle of Nandao Studio is the exploration in beauty of forms and subtleties of the natural worldtrees, flowers, leaves. Ma Li, the passionate ceramicist who founded Nandao Studio in 2016, aims to express the beauty of nature through his ceramics and everyday wares. “I think the beauty of nature's creations lie in the forms, symmetry, arrangement, and the subtle changes in lines. They are full of wisdom. We should respect nature and learn from it.”

He hopes his ceramic pieces can provide a vehicle for people to immerse themselves in the subtle beauty of nature in daily life.

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Volume: 110 ml
Height: 91mm
Length (at the top, including spout): 85mm
Width (at the top): 62mm

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