Baiya Qilan Oolong



One of our favourite Oolongs after all these years. Baiya Qilan is the name of a small varietal of Oolong from Daqin Mountain in Zhangzhou, southern Fujian. This tea is made by Mr. Chen Huobing, who has been involved with the varietal Baiya Qilan all his life.

This particular tea is from tea leaves harvested on October 21 from Mr. Chen’s tea garden. Mr. Chen’s tea garden sits at 900m above sea level where there is minimal human intervention. The tea trees are left to grow on their own with no pesticide or fertilizers used. The tea leaves are “bruised” for six rounds and left to oxidize naturally for 10 hours. After the “Kill-Green” process, the mao cha is left to sit for 8 days, then slow-roasted over logan charcoal for 20 hours. 

This tea is delicious - rich, floral, roasty, nutty.


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May 2019

Anxi, Fujian
ml Time  Infusions
4 95 150 5-10 sec 8
Frying the leaves at a high temperature to temporarily stop enzyme activity and prevent further oxidation of the leaves. This gives the tea master time to apply additional steps that will shape the final flavour and aroma of the tea. This step is crucial as it is a delicate balancing act: over frying the leaves will lead to burning of the leaves, and under frying the leaves will lead to the leaves over-oxidizing in later stages, thus turning it into a black tea.

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