Chawan No. 35


Chawan by Danny Kostyshin, fired in soda-fired kiln. Made in Vancouver, BC.

An unique, striking chawan. Soda clay body with feldspar chunks. The outside is deep orange shino glaze with textured white speckles. The inside is a shiny orange shino glaze with white speckles and iron spots.

A medium sized chawan that feels slightly heavier in the hands.

⌀: 4⅛"
H: 2⅞"

Only 1 piece in stock!

Danny Kostyshin, potter, Vancouver B.C. 

Danny first started making chawans at the age of 16 years old, and for the past 15 years, chawan and small tea cups have been his focus. He often uses recycled clay and prefers wood- or soda-firing methods for its unpredictable nature and the element of surprise.
“I am very interested in the wabi (spirit) aspect of the chawan. I am interested in kiln accidents that create interesting surfaces and finishes to my work. I desire that my work be used daily. My work lends itself to very unique vessels that appeal to the individual who identifies with some aspect of the vessel.”

“All pots become part of our personal environment and reflect a modern aesthetic, in our homes. The intimate quality, that a functional pot allows, provides a daily interaction with an object that is used and becomes loved for that reason. I believe this allows for a sense of patience to develop, something this 21st century must respect.”

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