Dento Hon Gyokuro "Winter Flower"


伝統本玉露 冬の華

Yame, Fukuoka

May 2023

Yame is a special place. It is defined by dramatic mountains and cascading waterfalls. It is also known to produce the best Gyokuro in Japan, making it home to the traditional craftsmanship for this kind of tea. Over 100 years of experience making Gyokuro lives in Yame and thus, the tea that comes from here has set the standard for Gyokuro around the world for a very long time.  

This gyokuro is handcrafted, using a method that has been practiced for over a century. The traditional method involves charcoal-firing the tea leaves by hand, which ebbs some of the coolness we usually expect from green teas. Like flowers that bloom in the cold winter, it is intended to be warming to the heart and mind.

The dry tea has very dark, thin leaves. They smell floral and beautiful, like pine and iris. The flavour of the first infusion is consistent with this heady, ‘above-ground’ scent, with a herbaceousness that feels airy and enchanting. The second infusion is still light and flickers with upfull, floral activity. Against the density of this tea’s liquor the pronounced tasting notes strike intensely, giving it great detail: they land in the mouth like the consonants in words. 

Net weight 80g

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Brewing Guide

Please read our detailed Gyokuro brewing guide here

Tea 3g
Water 30ml
Temperature 50°C, 60°C, 70°C
Steep time 1.5 min
No. of infusions 3

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