Cultivate Tea Club


We’re pleased to launch the Cultivate Tea Club - a thoughtfully curated, monthly subscription of our unparalleled and rare teas, delivered to your home.

Each month's subscription box is a unique and mindful selection, based on the season and the fresh harvests at the time. Many of the teas are varietals we are most excited about, exclusive releases of previous year vintages, experimental teas that we receive in limited quantities, as well as comparison tastings and vertical tastings. Each tea is exclusive to us and will not be available elsewhere.

Our collection of teas is the culmination of our eight-year-long efforts in sourcing the finest craft teas directly from foragers, small producers and growers in the pristine and remote growing regions across China. Each delicious tea is articulated by the unique story of its cultivation and the expression of its terroir. Much of the pleasure in our tea discoveries lies in nurturing relationships with the tea artisans we have encountered over these many years.

This monthly subscription is a great way to learn, discover and expand your palate - you might uncover a few unexpected gems!

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What is included in each delivery

  • 4 teas, 2 servings of each, 8-10 tea experiences
  • Tasting guide for each tea: the origin and terroir, the processing method, how we discovered the tea, why it merits inclusion, along with specific brewing guides.

How it works
  • This subscription duration runs from September 2021 - September 2022
  • You will receive a subscription box every month for a total of 12 boxes
  • Place your order before the 15th of any month to receive that month's box
  • Each month's subscription box will be shipped by the 17th.  You will receive a confirmation email and tracking number once the box has been shipped
  • Your subscription will renew automatically on the 15th next month
  • You are free to opt-in at anytime
  • No long-term commitment required - cancel anytime

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