Galaxy 01

Clay body Stoneware
Kiln Wood-fired
Inside  Celadon
Outside Unglazed

This tea cup is part of a small collection of ceramics from Wei’s most recent wood-firing at the Shadbolt Centre of Arts in Burnaby, BC.

Celadon is an ancient glaze with a history of more than a thousand years. For centuries, it was highly prized in the Chinese Imperial Court for its resemblance to jade.

Wei throws each cup carefully by hand. The pieces are air-dried for 3 days until they are bone dry before trimming and then bisque firing. The cup was wood-fired for 3 days in the kiln, with temperatures maintained at 1400 degrees Celsius. It took around 3 additional days for the wood-fired kiln to slowly drop in temperature, so each piece spent a total of 6 days in the kiln. The cup goes into the kiln without any glaze on the outside and emerges with its own unique color, texture and sheen from the atmosphere inside the kiln.

This beautiful tea cup emerged from the kiln with rich copper bronze hues on the outside, in both matte and sheen finish. Mustard yellow spots along the rim of the cup add character. There are numerous silvery and metallic spots on the outside due to the iron-rich clay body. A truly unique cup to be treasured for a lifetime.

Each tea cup is one-of-a-kind. 

⌀: 72mm
H: 50mm

Please note that crazing and cracklings will develop in the glaze on the inside. We highly recommend rinsing the cup after each use.

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