Sun Rise Cup

Clay body Porcelain
Kiln Wood-fired
Inside  Shino glaze
Outside Shino glaze

This gorgeous tea cup is part of a small collection of ceramics from Wei’s most recent wood-firing at the Shadbolt Centre of Arts in Burnaby, BC.

Wei throws each cup carefully by hand. The pieces are air-dried for 3 days until they are bone dry before trimming and then bisque firing. The cup was wood-fired for 3 days in the kiln, with temperatures maintained at 1400 degrees Celsius. It took 3 additional days for the wood-fired kiln to slowly drop in temperature. Each piece spent a total of 6 days in the kiln.

The cup has a beautiful crackled shino glaze on both the inside and outside. On the outside, it has striking two-toned orange and red color tones that remind us of a beautiful sun rise. A captivating cup to enjoy your favorite tea from or to simply contemplate over.

Each tea cup is unique and one-of-one pieces.

⌀: 68 mm
H: 38 mm

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