Green Celadon Cup Type II


A beautiful tea cup crafted by Jingdezhen ceramicist Wang Xinghua.  It has a delicate and elegant shape and a slightly curved lip that is perfect for sipping tea.  The cup has an elegant matte green celadon glaze that Wang formulated himself.  It has uniquely scattered freckles that arise from the iron rich clay body.

This cup is part of our 2021 commission from him, where he crafted 20 gaiwans, 10 pitchers and 20 tea cups at his studio in Jingddezhen over the course of 3 months.

Please note that as each cup is made by hand, they are slightly different in size, shape and the number of iron spots on the inside and outside of the cups (as shown in photos). The iron spots are from the reaction of the iron rich clay body and the glaze when fired in the kiln, and each cup has varying levels, degrees and quantity of iron spots. The actual item you receive might have slight variations to the product photographed.

Approximate dimensions
⌀: 70 mm
H: 40 mm

. . .

This teacup is made by Wang Xinghua, a ceramicist from Jingdezhen, China.

His handcrafted ceramics are rooted in daily life: simple, plain, rustic. Yet, the meticulous efforts involved in making each one results in a final product that exudes warmth, character, and a sense of individuality that is difficult to articulate but touches the heart.

We have been using his gaiwans, pitchers and tea cups at our tea bar from the beginning and our love and appreciation for them have grown profoundly.

He throws the pitchers on the potter’s wheel by hand from his own special formulation of Jingdezhen clay and porcelain clay. After bisque firing at 800°C, he applies his own glazes by hand. The pitchers are then reduction-fired at 1300°C.

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