Hojicha Tsuyu Hikari


ほうじ茶 つゆひかり

May 2023

Yamue, Fukuoka

This roasted tea is made from a rare varietal of sencha called Tsuyu Hikari. A crossbreed of the popular Asatsuyu, this varietal is only cultivated in small amounts in Yame. It is appreciated for its unique, refreshing aroma and rich flavor, on account of which it is sometimes called “natural Gyokuro.”

The craftsmen have achieved this special hojicha by lightly roasting the sencha leaves in two stages. This two-stage light roasting brings out the characteristics of Tsuyu Hikari to their fullest, without overpowering its unique taste.

The dried tea smells like orange zest, cocoa, and chai. It brews a light golden liquor, with an  intensity that falls somewhere between a sencha and a hojicha. Its heady and floral notes are grounded by the subtle roasted flavour that lingers on the palate. For those of you that enjoy Kaga Bocha, this is a wonderful departure in the same category.

Net weight 50g

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Brewing guide

Tea 3 g
Water 200 ml
Steep time 15 - 60 sec
No. of infusions 4

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