Huangzhixiang ”Gardenia Fragrance"



April 2019

Chaozhou, Guangdong

Huangzhixiang loosely translates into “gardenia fragrance”. It is the name of a varietal of Phoenix Oolong or Fenghuang Dancong from the Fenghuang Mountain region of Chaozhou, Guangdong Province. The Phoenix Oolongs are usually named after a distinct fragrance profile or the specific varietals of the trees.

This Huangzhixiang comes from a small tea garden situated 900m above sea level on Wudong Shan - one of the best core producing mountains in the Phoenix Mountain range. The tea trees are around 50 years old and have developed complex root structures that are sometimes bigger than the trees themselves; extending deep down into the ground, allowing the trees to absorb complex nutrients and minerals in the sandy granite soil. The age of the trees, the terroir, and the skilled craftsmanship all contribute to this tea's complexity and depth of flavor.

On the palate, it has distinct notes of gardenia flowers, cotton candy, and mountain flower honey. It is intensely floral, both on the nose and in the mouth, with a thick viscosity and long lingering aftertaste that coats the entire mouth and throat.

Brewing guide

Tea 4g
90-100 °C
Water  120ml
Steep time 5 - 90 sec
No. of infusions 8+
April 2019

Wudongshan, Chaozhou
ml Time  Infusions
4 100 120 5-20 sec 10+

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