Imperial White & Orange Peel



April 2018 (Shoumei)
June 2015 (Orange Peel)

Fuding, Fujian

Three-years-aged Shou Mei and six-years-aged orange peel blended together,  orchestrating an extraordinary taste adventure of sweetness with refined floral and citrus notes, and an unexpected lightness.

The Shoumei white tea grows at altitudes of 800-900 meters in Fuding, an environment shrouded in mist and fog. The tea is dried carefully for a period of over 60 hours, carefully watched over by the skilled artisans.

The six-year-aged orange peel is from Xinhui, Guangzhou - the most prestigious region known for producing the best orange peel.

Once infused, the leaves and orange peel unfold to reveal a sweet, gentle and earthy tea with bright citrus notes.

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Brewing guide

Tea 4g
100 °C
Water  120ml
Steep time 10 - 90 sec
No. of infusions 10

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