Hinoki Cypress


An earthy and grounding incense made from 100% essential oil of hinoki cypress trees. In Japan, live hinoki trees cannot be harvested or cut, and the essential oil must come from naturally fallen trees. It will transport you to the the calming forest of Japanese hinoki trees. Comes with simple incense holder.

Net Weight: 30g

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Traditional Incense from Baieido 梅栄堂 of Japan

Established in 1657 in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Baieido is one of the oldest traditional incense makers in Japan, dedicating itself to making traditional incense for over 300 years with methods and recipes handed down from one generation to the next.

Our first experience with Baieido was with their Kai Un Koh incense, years ago. We were captivated by its intense wood bases and earthy, herbal notes. It was complex, yet at the same time subtle, and reflected a much older style of incense than many of the incense found on the market today that are synthetic and perfumed.

Founded during the Muromachi Period (1338-1573), they started out as a herbal apothecary. The experience of their incense is like going back in time, to what would have been burned hundreds of years ago when incense making was more of a branch of herbal medicine and used in meditations.

Baieido’s incense brings us to a meditative state where we are able to tune in and listen to the subtleties of ourself, of the tea we are drinking, of the present.

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