Jasmine Silver Tips



July 2020

Hengxian, Guangxi

An enchanting jasmine tea with Fuding Dabaihao, a white tea cultivar native to the Fuding region. Only the buds have been picked for this tea.

The tea undergoes five rounds of scenting with fresh handpicked jasmine flowers from Guangxi. Each round of scenting takes around 3 days. It begins by laying the flowers and tea leaves on bamboo mats overnight, to allow the tea to gradually absorb the aroma of the flowers. This has to be carefully watched over throughout the night to monitor moisture levels of the tea. When morning comes, the jasmine flowers are sifted out and the tea is slow-roasted over charcoal and left to dry for 2 days before the next round of scenting begins. 

This tea is aromatic, sweet, and distinctively jasmine.

ml Time  Infusions
3 85 120 10-15 sec 3

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