Jasmine Silver Tips



July 2021

Hengxian, Guangxi

An delightful and enchanting jasmine green tea made with only the buds of Fuding Dabahao varietal of white tea trees that are indigenous to Fuding ,Fujian.

The buds are made into green tea in April, and set aside to await for the blossoming of the jasmine flowers in July. Scenting was done in small batches. Tiny jasmine blossoms are scattered with the tea leaves on bamboo mats overnight, where the tea leaves gradually absorb the delicate aromas of the blossoms. The next morning, craftsmen separate the jasmine flowers from the tea leaves, and the tea is baked over charcoal for a few hours. This Jasmine Silver Tips received 5 rounds of scenting.

An intoxicating and delightful but not overpowering jasmine tea. It is enchanting and uplifts the spirit.

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Brewing guide

Tea 3 g
Water 120 ml
Steep time 15 - 120 sec
No. of infusions 6



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