Matcha "Seiju"


星野抹茶 星授

Yame, Fukuoka


This is Hoshino’s second to highest grade of matcha and is a privilege to taste. 

What struck us most about this matcha was its willingness to froth. It whisks into a bright lime-green foam that smells like strawberries and sponge cake. The froth is so dense and such a smooth, consistent suspension, it feels like quite an otherworldly substance to put to your lips.

This matcha has less umami than others we carry from Hoshino, and an excellent choice for those who enjoy the magical transformation of tea leaves into something wholly unlike themselves. It is especially sweet, and especially elegant – explaining its high standing in Hoshino’s collection. 

2g ⋅ 80°C ⋅ 60ml ⋅ bamboo whisk

. . .

This ceremonial matcha is from Yame County, Fukuoka Prefecture on the southernmost Japanese island of Kyushu. It is from a small village called Hoshino, before it was merged with neighbouring villages to form the expanded city of Yame. Yame is located in a mountainous area with the Hoshino River that flows from the east to the west, creating an ideal climate for growing high-quality tea. The land is fertile, altitude is higher, and the air is moist and foggy. Tea trees grow slowly under these conditions, which translate into complexity and depth in the tea’s sweetness and savory “umami” flavors.

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